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Biopredic International is a French privately-owned biotechnology company founded in 1993.
The company originated from a technology transfer of the unit 49 of INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), specialised in toxicology and hepatology.

Biopredic’s expertise was initially based on primary hepatocyte cryopreservation and quickly grew to encompass the isolation, production and distribution of fresh and frozen human and animal biological products, including tissues, primary cells, cell lines and reagents.

Today, Biopredic serves both academic and industrial research in :

  • Drug development,
  • Drug discovery
  • Cosmetics and chemicals

with over 400 products distributed worldwide, directly to customers or through national and international distributors.

In addition to the production sites in France (HQ), companies in Italy (Turin, Milan) and the USA (Missouri), Biopredic also sells products under Biopredic’s brands or as an OEM. Biopredic is open to new opportunities to produce as an OEM.

Biopredic International is also the exclusive worldwide licensor of HepaRG™, the human hepatic stem cell line patented by the INSERM. Visit the official HepaRG™ website 

Biopredic International is involved in several European and National Research projects and is always keen to examine new scientific collaborations.

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