Skin products

Biopredic International is a major worldwide supplier of human and animal skin products, which can be used for several applications such as:

  • Compound penetration
  • Skin irritation
  • Toxicology e.g. genotoxicity and sensitization
  • Metabolism
  • Primary cell isolation…

Human skin samples are collected from patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery.
The collection, processing and sales to Research Bodies comply with the French Law and ethical principles. Biopredic International holds a permit (AC-2013-1754) which has been granted by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The anonymity of patients is maintained and patients sign an informed consent form before donating their samples.

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All animal biological materials are obtained from licensed facilities. Skin samples are collected from healthy adult laboratory animals maintained under controlled conditions. A health certificate is delivered by a veterinarian ensuring that the donor animals were healthy at the time of collection.

Skin tissues

Dermal Fibroblasts

Human keratinocytes

Skin fractions

Skin reagents



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Skin discSkin discs
↑ Fig. 1 & 2: Skin discs
Skin discsFibroblasts
↑ Fig. 3: Skin discs / ↑ Fig. 4: Fibroblasts
↑ Fig. 5 & 6: Keratinocytes